This page of the website is intended to present you a detailed overview off all the Veg-i-Trade scientific results, divided per topic addressed. You can browse them by clicking on the color bars below and download the related presentation from the list that will appear on the right of the page. Enjoy browsing!
Food of non-animal origin is consumed in a variety of forms, and is a major component of almost all meals. Veg-i-Trade was a multidisciplinary project that studied the organization and economic structure of the fresh produce global market and the development of control measures for microbiological (Salmonella, human pathogenic E. coli, Norovirus) and chemical hazards (mycotoxins, pesticide residues).

Veg-i-Trade research integrated several tools including sampling and analytical testing methods, field studies on pre- and post-harvest practices, self-assessment of “best practices” and management systems, modelling and simulation, risk assessment and risk communication.

Veg-i-Trade strived to enhance international collaboration and contributds to open communication about concerns with regard to global safety of fresh produce. The visibility of the Veg-i-Trade project, its objectives and the exchange of its research findings have been stimulated by its communication with various stakeholders. Furthermore, Veg-i-Trade invested in training and capacity building, and some of the Veg-i-trade outcomes are available as e-learning modules ( for local and global training programs to take safety of fresh produce to the next level.