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Vega Mayor S.A. is one of the major salad vegetable processers/suppliers in Spain, supplying some of the major supermarkets in the country with ready to use salad bags. The company, which has the major facility in Navarre in Northern Spain, is actually part of the Florette Group, which is preeminent across Europe with 15% of the European supermarket sector. Florette Group acquired the Spanish leader in Fresh ready-to-use Vegetables in 2001. Turnover across the Florette Group in 2007 increased by 13% and sales are growing annually by a little over 10%. Investment across the Florette Group totalled €20m in 2007 and according to the company there will be a similar level of investment in 2008. Vega Mayor produces around 118 different bagged salad combinations at weights from 150g to 1.5kg.
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