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The University of Pretoria is a leading teaching and research university in South Africa with student numbers exceeding 60 000 during 2010. Four schools in the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences include the School for Biological Sciences and the School for Agricultural and Food Sciences. The Faculty hosts 17 Departments and linked to the Departments are 25 Centres, Institutes and Units; it registers more than 5000 students yearly of which 70% are enrolled in undergraduate programmes and 30% in postgraduate programmes. Research groups have excellent facilities including two experimental farms. Close collaboration with industry and the private sector is a high priority. Working agreements with universities within Africa and abroad enable research groups to interact with international peers in their respective fields.
Veg-i-Trade Team
» Prof Lise Korsten
» Prof. Johann Kirsten
Role in the Project
» WP1,2,3,6,9 participant