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The Faculty of Agriculture - University of Belgrade - has long tradition, it is a teaching and research institution whose activities cover all aspects of agricultural production and food technology: crop science, fruit science and viticulture, animal science, soil management, phytomendicine, agricultural engineering, food technology and agricultural economics. Since its foundation in 1919 about 16.000 students have gained BS degree, 900 MS degree and 750 PhD degrees. In latest years new trends in food science have been followed and within the Department of Food Safety and Food Quality Management new research and education lines were set to cover important factors in reducing the burden of food-borne disease and warrant consumer-demanded food quality. Much effort has been given to the work on improved ability to primary detect and investigate a food safety hazards, and then to develop effective control measures within integrated food safety management systems. Given the global scale of impact on food safety that current and potentially future trends have, it is observed that world-wide cooperation is needed to achieve goals of common importance. Therefore, a participation and constructive contribution to EU projects became one of the priorities of Serbian science.
Veg-i-Trade Team
» Prof. Dr. Radomir Radovanovic
»Prof. Dr. Andreja Rajkovic
»Dr. Nada Smigic
»Dr. Ilija Djekic
»Msc. Nikola Tomic
»Msc. Igor Tomasevic
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