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The Norweigian Veterinary Institute’s Department of Food Safety, Section for Food Bacteriology and GMO is the national reference laboratory for several food-borne pathogens. The Section actively collaborates with qualified personnel from other sections in the Institute, particularly the Section for Epidemiology in the Department of Health Surveillance. These personnel support our activities regarding risk assessment of fresh vegetables, model building and bio-statistical analysis of data. The Department of Health Surveillance has conducted several import Risk Assessments, which is an important competence of the present call, and has been involved in two national project proposals centered on risk communication in collaboration with industry, researchers and government officials involved in contingency planning.
Veg-i-Trade Team
» Dr. Kofitsyo S. Cudjoe
» Dr. Gro Johannessen
» Dr. Helga R. Høgåsen
» Mrs Marianne Økland
Role in the Project
» Ethics Manager
» WP6 leader
» WP1,2,3,4,10,11 participant