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The CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) is the Spain's largest and most important public research organization. With 126 centres and 145 associated units, it is present in all of Spain's Autonomous Regions. The Centre of Edafology and Applied Biology of the Segura (CEBAS) is one of the CSIC Institutes located in Murcia (Spain). The CSIC is the 5th organization in Europe in project execution and funding in the 6th Framework Programme. The Research Group on Quality Safety and Bioactivity of Plant Foods involved in Veg-i-Trade belongs to the Food Science and Technology Department at CEBAS-CSIC.
Veg-i-Trade Team
» Maria I. Gil
» Ana Allende
» Maria V. Selma
» Juan A. Tudela
Role in the Project
» Scientific Manager
» WP1,4 leader
» WP2,3,5,6,9,10,11 participant