Veg-i-Trade Training course in microbiological methods
June 27th – July 4th
Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Oslo, Norway
One of the objectives in the Veg-i-Trade project is to develop tools to assess the performance of horticultural food safety management systems (HSMS) that are in place at farm and processing level.
One of these tools is the horticultural assessment scheme (HAS) which aims to obtain an overview of the microbial quality, hygiene and safety level of products and processes at farm and processing level (refer to HAS information page). The HAS involves microbiological analyses of samples (produce, process/irrigation water). In order to generate comparable data by the various EU and non-EU countries within the Veg-i-Trade consortium it is recommended that samples are collected and analysed in the same way in all the partner countries. Therefore, an important part of Veg-i-Trade’s Work Package 6 is to arrange a training course in microbiological methods; i.e. methods used for analyses for bacteria, protozoa and virus, to ensure that the results obtained by the HAS are comparable and suitable for further exploitation in the project (including risk assessment studies). Another important aspect of the Veg-i-Trade project is strengthening of international collaboration and transfer of knowledge. During the training course, expertise will be disseminated to all the partners (and other interested participants or third parties).
For further information, please contact Gro S. Johannessen (Veg-i-Trade WP6 leader), Norwegian Veterinary Institute:, phone: +47 23216267