Horticultural Assessment Scheme (HAS) TRAINING
July 5th 2011
Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Oslo, Norway
Horticultural Assessment Scheme (HAS) is a systematic approach in sampling and microbiological analysis developed in the frame of Veg-i-Trade for the fresh produce chain (farm, processing or trade level). HAS enables to obtain a helicopter view on microbial quality, hygiene and safety level of products and processes at primary production (farms) or at processing or trade companies.
It is hypothesized that low numbers and low variation in microorganisms in the analyzed samples (including fresh produce, water and contact surfaces) results as an indicator of a well performing food safety management system and an increased food safety output.
During the training, the HAS protocol will be explained in detail for the case study of lettuce at farm level and at processing level. The HAS protocol will be open for discussion with all Veg-i-Trade partners in order to asses full comprehension of objectives and feasibility of the protocol. The training and discussion on the HAS protocol should enable to the WP3/WP6 project partners to design and implement experimental set-up of HAS for selected case studies of fresh produce (lettuce, strawberries, raspberries, herbs, mango,…) in their country or company according to the stratified sampling scheme (selection of farmers, processing companies, traders, retailers or market places) to be elaborated on a case by case study with each partner/partner country in the project.