Veg-i-Trade feedback sessions

Veg-i-Trade organized a series of international workshops addressing fresh produce chain actors and other stakeholders in five partner countries (Belgium, Brazil, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain). These workshops were organized as feedback sessions for all stakeholders who used a diagnostic tool developed by Veg-i-Trade for the assessment of the status of their food safety management systems, good agricultural practices and microbiological results.


Some 150 persons including stakeholders, fresh produce chain and/or farmers, processing or trading companies, participated in the seven workshops organised so far. Each workshop was tailored to the needs of the audience and regional bottlenecks were discussed.

On the one hand, the quality of the diagnostic tool and the usefulness in practice was discussed. Veg-i-Trade will adapt the tool to these findings and address also regional differences.


On the other hand, Veg-i-Trade members discussed the results of the diagnostic tool with the respondents, aiming at:
- improving agricultural practices and addressing strong and weak points in their implementation
- identifying microbiological contaminations and risk factors towards the fresh produce chain
- evaluating water treatment, water disinfection and potential re-use of water
- detecting Norovirus and prevalence

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