Veg-i-Trade shares its results via a webinar

Coordindator Mieke Uyttendaele presented the Veg-i-Trade project via a Webinar to a broad public. This Webinar was organized by CommNet, a network making EU funded Bioeconomy Research accessible to teachers, children, politicians, industry and the media.

webinar2 webinar3

The presentation contained insights on various micro-organisms such as Salmonella, Escherichia coli and Norovirus that have been linked to fresh produce food borne outbreaks. Another topic that was addressed is how food safety can be controlled in a globalized world thanks to the implementation of control measures and legislation. Climate change and its impact on food safety was explained as well. The presentation ended with an appeal to the youngsters to become a scientist as well, together with their important role to safeguard food safety at home.

CommNet also developed a toolkit to providing information about food and food safety for teachers and students of different age groups.