Veg-i-Trade publishes articles on “Assessment of Food Safety Management Systems in the Global Fresh Produce Chain”

WUR and UGent researchers developed a self-assessment tool to measure the status of food safety management systems in the fresh supply chain. The self-assessment tool consists of 64 to 69 indicators addressing core activities in prevention and control of microbiological, mycotoxin and pesticide residue contamination (e.g. sanitation programme), the context of the company (e.g. product characteristics) and its system’s output (e.g. complaints). The schemes are useful to farms, processors or traders as an internal audit system to track the “maturity” of their implemented food safety management systems in place. It gives the participants insight in the generic status of “best practices” or level of “management systems” apart from from their specific implemented guidelines and quality assurance standards. The details of this self-assessment tool has recently been published in a set of 2 articles in Food Research International and Trends in Food Science and Technology.