Veg-i-Trade shares science with children on the street

Veg-i-Trade participated to the UGent initiative to bring science to the street. Researchers from Ghent University, Hogeschool Ghent and Arteveldehogeschool toured Ghent to increase the declining motivation to study exact sciences. Carrying cuddly toy bacteria and a microscope, Veg-i-Trade was represented during 2 days on this event.

The UGent Science on the Street initiative is especially targeted to children who live in a working-class area. In collaboration with the non-profit organization “vzw Jong” working in several different popular neighbour¬hoods in Ghent, the children were invited during “Jong’s” summer activities. Science on the Street presented a real mobile laboratory to the kids and gave them the opportunity to talk to “real” scientists, some of which were Veg-i-Trade scientists.
At the stand of Veg-i-Trade, the children could become a microbiologist by completing a test about microorganisms and climate change. Afterwards, they had the opportunity to set up their own science project with yeast, sugar and water in a small bottle, which resulted in an inflated balloon. Other stands gave the children the opportunity to create their own electricity network to turn on a lamp, or they learned to assess the amount of vitamin C in different fruit juices.
The children were excited, and the parents got the opportunity to gain more information about higher education. We spent two successful and fun afternoons, together with motivated and happy children.