The Veg-i-Trade Closing Event was held in Brussels on 11 and 12 June 2014, in collaboration with our Advisory Board members FAVV-AFSCA & Fresh Trade Belgium.

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Wednesday - 11 June
Impact of Climate Change on Food Safety of Fresh Produce
Thursday - 12 June
Governance of Food Safety of Fresh Produce in a Globalized World
8.30Arrival and coffee
9.15Welcome and introduction
9.45Microbial safety and hygiene of fresh produce
10.10Effective logistics management strategies for perishable food supply chains: impacts on food quality, safety and waste
10.35Microbial risk assessment of fresh produce
11.00Tea and coffee break
11.30Risk of Salmonella and Norovirus in leafy greens eaten raw as salads
11.55QA recommendations in the fresh produce supply chain
14.00The next level in "production practices & processing of fresh produce"
14.25The next level in "water treatment in the fresh produce supply chain"
14.50Economic assessment of the South African fruit export value chains
15.15Veg-i-Trade lessons learnt for fresh produce production companies: VEGA MAYOR
José Ma Garrido, VEGA MAYOR (Florette Ibérica)
Veg-i-Trade lessons learnt for fresh produce production companies: Primaflor
David Ortiz Espinosa, Primaflor
15.25Veg-i-Trade lessons learnt for fresh produce trade companies
Erwin Sterkens, Special Fruit on behalf of Belgian SME partners in Veg-i-Trade (Allgro, Van Laethem, Special Fruit & Fresh Trade Belgium)
15.35Discussion and Conclusion
16.30Closure of the meeting
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Veg-i-Trade Final Conference
"Taking food safety of fresh produce
to the next level"
11-12 June 2014, Brussels, Belgium
Finance Tower complex
Pacheco auditorium
Pachécolaan 13, 1000 Brussels
In collaboration with
FAVV-AFSCA, Fresh Trade Belgium and the South Korea Research Group on Food Safety Control against Climate Change
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