The final Veg-i-Trade Consortium Meeting was hosted by the consortium members from South Africa.

It took place in Pretoria, South Africa as well as in Kruger Parc. A public session on Food Sovereignty was organised at this occasion.

More information on this event can be found in the information box below.
Veg-i-Trade Food Sovereignty Conference
Global Perspectives in the Fresh Produce Supply Chain
The Veg-i-Trade Consortium cordially invited stakeholders from the fresh produce supply chain to discuss the ethical implications of global trade in fresh produce in the light of EU Food Law. The conference also communicated to stakeholders at a global level the implications of socio-cultural factors in the food safety policy formulation to achieve a common understanding of demands of sustainable fair trade.
This unique conference brought key stakeholders (farmers and agricultural workers, food policy makers, fresh produce exporters, processing industry, retailers, think tanks, scientists and “Right to Food” activists) together to discuss challenges and opportunities for global trade in fresh produce and its impact on the food sovereignty demands and its associated components of food security, food self-sufficiency, food safety, ethics and governance.
8.30Arrivals, registration, tea and coffee
9.05Welcome and address by the University of Pretoria
9.15Statement from the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
9.30Future of Food Sovereignty debate
10.00Tea and coffee break
10.30The Veg-i-Trade Food Sovereignty Debate: Introduction, personal and work package reflections
11.00Opinions on fresh produce food safety and quality standards by experts from the global South and North
11.30Organization of the fresh produce supply chain in Uganda & Kenya
12.00Food Sovereignty and the mango supply chain: a case study
13.30Round-table Discussion
16.00End of the conference
Lise KorstenUniversity of Pretoriaocchio
Kofitsyo S. CudjoeNorwegian Veterinary Instituteocchio
Sigrid Van BoxstaelGhent Universityocchio
Lorenzo FioramontiUniversity of Pretoriaocchio
Jessica NanyunjaMakarere Universityocchio
Lucky MathebulaTh!nc Foundationocchio
Koen DekeyserGhent University and University of Pretoriaocchio
Participants were expected to play an active role in discussing the issues raised and help raise awareness about sustainable production practices and trade that enhance quality and safety of produce to help avoid the amounts of food that is wasted and lost globally. It was the aim of the organisers of the workshop that participants could formulate the context, reach consensus and suggest measures that could support food sovereignty for all.