The 3rd Consortium meeting of the Veg-i-Trade project took place in Oslo from 6 to 8 July 2011. Veg-i-Trade Consortium meeting included the General meeting and Board meeting, dedicated working groups of the various Work Packages as well as an open session dedicated to the concept of "Food sovereignty". It gave the opportunity for all Veg-i-Trade partners to present and discus their work plans and achievements so far and promote international collaboration.

Open Session on Food Sovereignty

Oslo, 8th July 2011
Global trade in fresh and processed fruits and vegetables has increased significantly in last decennium. Factors such as consumer pressure, protection of brand image, global sourcing of raw materials with concomitant outbreaks has resulted in stricter food safety regulations as the vulnerability of the fresh produce chain becomes more pronounced. These measures challenge third party countries that may not be able to comply fully with food safety requirements when using traditional production methods and may result in a perception of unfairness in relation to their food sovereignty demands.

Within the EU FP 7 Veg-i-Trade Consortium, the ethical management team initiated dialogue to address comprehensively the concept of food sovereignty in the context of a highly globalised fresh produce supply chain. At the Veg-i-Trade consortium the concept of food sovereignty and the implementation of it within the research work packages of Veg-i-Trade receives continuous attention through open debates. On the occasion of the 3rd Veg-i-Trade Consortium meeting in Oslo Norway, the organization of an open session on “food sovereignty” put a further searchlight on the topic.
The discussion has been captured and is summarized in the report.
3rd Veg-i-Trade Consortium Meeting
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6-8 July 2011 - Oslo, Norway